We solve some of the biggest problems in healthcare – loneliness and social isolation


Pyx Health is a scalable, 24/7 technology platform that reduces loneliness and social isolation by connecting with your members outside of the traditional care setting. By providing companionship and critical, timely interventions addressing social determinants of health, we take care of your members when they are most vulnerable, especially after a transition of care.


The key is using both empathetic technology and human intervention in unison. Our Intensive Navigation™ service connects members to the right resources in the moment they are needed. We do this not only in the app but through the Compassionate Support Center’s outbound calls.

11% PMPM reduction in ED and inpatient spend

When you solve for loneliness, you not only help your members live better lives, you improve your bottom line.
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The Epidemic Inside the Pandemic

…associated with a reduction in life span similar to that caused by smoking 15 cigarettes a day and, even greater, associated with obesity

“…over one-third of adults in the US are chronically lonely – meaning more than 2.6 million of them may suffer from this ongoing loneliness.”

“…loneliness potentially increases a person’s risk of mortality by 45%. That statistic makes loneliness more dangerous than air pollution, obesity, and excessive alcohol use.”

Loneliness is a $6.7B Problem

Everybody knows someone who is lonely and how it affects their health.

  • 1/3 of adults are chronically lonely
  • It’s hard to identify members who are suffering – unlike diabetes, there is no ‘diagnosis’ for loneliness
  • It’s difficult to get member-reported data and therefore challenging to offer the appropriate intervention

Let us show you how the Pyx Health platform addresses loneliness and its negative health outcomes

Reduce inpatient/ED visit spend by addressing loneliness

To solve loneliness, we must address the 80-90% of events impacting health that happen outside of traditional care settings

Pyxir is there for your members 24/7, meeting them just when they need it and wherever they are

Pyx Health is a scalable solution that has been proven to reduce inpatient and ED spend by $5,083 per member (P<0.001) in the 6 months following Pyx Health use

Hear for yourself from our clients

Our partners at Magellan Complete Care and Banner Health Network talk about how Pyx Health has helped them drive costs down

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The ROI Health Plans Dream Of

Learn how one large health plan put Pyx Health to work solving three intractable member engagement problems, saving the plan an average of $847 PMPM (P<0.001)

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When you shake the tree of loneliness, SDOH needs fall out

Regular SDOH screenings in the app give us — and you — actionable data in real time. But we uncover even more needs during onboarding and companion calls.

We make sure the team members making these calls are carefully selected and trained, so they mirror and relate to the members we serve. Our goal is to facilitate getting your members the help they need and allow your care team to practice to the top of their training and skills.

  • 92% of calls uncover an SDOH need 92% 92%
  • 91% of SDOH referrals to the health plan are closed 91% 91%

The Secret Sauce

Technology is scalable but lacks the human component. People provide the human piece but can’t cover the size of the problem. The solution? Both, working together. It’s what allows Pyx Health to deliver meaningful help to all of your most vulnerable members.



of members feel healthier after 30 days


of members feel more connected to their healthcare team


of members use the app for at least 30 days

"I'm no longer alone."

 “I just got out of the hospital and I’ve just been trying to survive … feeling cared about and knowing I have someone to help me through this time means I’m not alone.” – Medicaid Member

Your members need more support and companionship when they transition out of care settings. We help you improve the outcomes of your members and the cost of care to the system.

“The overall wellbeing of my members improved."

“I’ve never seen technology improve the overall wellbeing of my members like this one…” – Medicaid Health Plan Care Manager

 We know how important it is to treat the whole person, therefore we use evidence-based screenings to help your members with their mental, emotional, and physical health.  

"I really needed this."

“How did you know I really needed something like this right now?” – DUAL Member

With an intentional delivery strategy, we ensure that the technology you invest in is actually used by your members, especially when they are vulnerable. 

Any questions? We can answer them.

We both know the old saying, ‘if you build it they will come…’ does not hold true for technology. We support your members from beginning to end to ensure that they will come, stay, laugh, and love Pyxir.

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