Learn how addressing loneliness through technology and human intervention drives down utilization costs

Banner University Health plans needed new approach to address whole-person needs, focusing on key drivers of avoidable utilization: behavioral health conditions including loneliness and social isolation, and social barriers to care.

The three key barriers to addressing member needs:

  • Low engagement rates
  • Inability to engage members 24/7
  • Ineffective use of nurse case managers’ clinical expertise and skills

The Pyx Health program addressed these challenges, resulting in:

  • Average savings of $5,083 per member in the 6 months following Pyx Health use, generating positive ROI
  • Savings were from decreased inpatient costs and emergency department use, both statistically significant (P<0.001)
  • A large proportion of members reported avoiding going to the emergency department after contacting the Pyx Health support team

The study covers Medicaid, Dual-Eligible Medicare, and Long-Term Care lives in Arizona.

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