Loneliness is not
simply being alone.

As a species we need human-to-human connection
to survive and thrive, and the research is proving it.

Learn how addressing loneliness through technology and human intervention drives down utilization costs

Seeking to address members’ behavioral health needs and overcome social barriers to care, Banner University Health Plan (BUHP) partnered with Pyx Health to implement its novel program combining a mobile app and support center.

The white paper reveals how use of the program by BUHP members after discharge from emergency room or inpatient care resulted in a substantial reduction in subsequent inpatient costs and emergency department use.

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The independent, statistically significant study analyzed the experiences of 1,170 high-cost members aged 18-103 years over a six-month period and compared that data with a control group that did not access the program.

The white paper was authored by Thomas M. Ball, MD, MPH, and Sandra Stein, MD, BUHP former and current chief medical officers. BUHP covers more than 200,000 Medicaid, Dual Eligible Medicare, and Long-Term Care lives in Arizona.

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