Here is how the Pyx Health app helped 550 of our members

User data for this case study was gathered in collaboration with our Medicaid health plan partner. Data points were collected through the Pyx Health app, health plan claims data, and self-reported member data for 12 consecutive months.


  • Female 35% 35%
  • Male 65% 65%



Connecting a Member with an Urgent SDOH (Social Determinants of Health) Need to the Appropriate Resource

We made sure they didn’t do it alone.


Pyxir helped members have over

App Encounters


SDOH(Social Determinants of Health) , EVB (Evidence-based Screenings), and Daily Check-in


Our Platform has proven a net 46% reduction in inpatient spend.

Sounds to good to be true?
Ask us how


Of members say they go to the Pyx Health app when they need help.


Of members reported that the app made them feel more connected to their healthcare team.


Of members use the app for at least 30 days.


Of members who we speak with on the phone download the app during the phone call.


Of members reported that they feel healthier after just 30 days of using the app!

More support for your members when they need it.

On average, calls with your members last for


25-32 minutes.

You don't have to go it alone.

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